Roselius is the leading and most preferred agent in the Baltic Region for shipping, transportation and international trade.

Roselius contribute to create the most attractive ports in the Baltic Sea by complete, modern, professional and personal shipping services.

Roseilus ambition is to deliver world class shipping!

Business Idea

With long experience, flexibility, global network and customer focus we offer world class services to freighters and freight owners in agency, custom clearance, trade management and chartering.

We make international trade easier!


Creative and inspiring work environment
We are not paid to preserve the current state of business. On the contrary, it is our responsibility to create our future. Creativity, innovation and improvement define individual performance as well as teamwork. The environment must be inspiring and encouraging. There is no such thing as a bad idea. Then we can create new solutions and better services for our customers.

Reliability and safety awareness
Our customers, suppliers, authorities and others shall be very confident that what we offer is highest quality knowledge based services. All this with the awareness that all our actions have an impact on our environment and human beings.

Pride, Preferred and Profitable
We want to be proud of our own work as well as the work of our colleagues and partners.
Being preferred implies that we are the number one choice. We understand that this is a privilege which requires a dedicated innovative effort, every minute and hour of the year.
You can easily be preferred and loose a fortune but you can’t be profitable without being preferred. All in our organization must have a view to profitable business for us, our customers and partners, so that we can be preferred for a long time.