Roselius Port Agency –  Cost efficient port visits

Roselius offer a wide range of services to be able to offer as efficient port visits as possible. Except for the traditional coordination with harbor, authorities and receiver we offer services based on wishes and needs for the ship, crew and shipping company.
We assist with services like bunkering, provisioning, welding and machinery for ship maintenance as well as special needs, independent of time and day of the week. We also assist in crew changes.
Our ambition as an independent agent is to always have the best business network in the harbors we operate.
Our customers are all kinds of lines and ships. Ferries, Cruise ships, freighters or special transports.

You get:

  • Access to 130 years experience of shipping
  • Access to our broad network of specialists and service companies
  • An independent agent that can pick the best solutions for you
  • Efficient port visits for both ship and crew

Agency, contacts and coordination between harbor, linesmen, pilot, passport authority, coast guard, customs, shipper and consignee.
Mediation and coordination of ship and crew support service like independent surveyors, bunkering, and specialists in ship maintenance like welding, hydraulics and machinery spare parts as well as provisioning, embarkation and disembarkation for ships outside port. Also crew change services like transportation, hotels, visa etc.