Roselius Chartering – The right ship, at the right time, to the right place for the right price

Roselius Chartering mediates all kinds of vessels, for all kinds of needs. Dry cargo vessels, gas-, chemical- and oil tankers, ro-ro ships, ferries, cruise ships, survey ships, dredges etc.
Roselius can create the most cost efficient transport solutions by making ”a perfect match”. Due to our long experience, independence and established relationships, we have the best prerequisites to create the most profitable solution for all parties.
Roselius Chartering is services for companies with large flow of goods, in need of sea transportation.

You get

  • Ships that have the best fit possible for your transportation needs.
  • Short lead times and smooth handling
  • Cost efficient solutions

Due to that Roselius manage port agency our selves we give you a low total cost of chartering. We can ensure short lay time, well prepared port agent and a good local service network. Roselius has 130 years of satisfied clients since we are known for a trouble free business, in time payments and smooth loading.

Booking and pricing:
Please contact We are available 7 days a week and quickly respond to all inquiries. How much can you save by using Roselius?