Trade Management – international trade efficiency

Roselius Trade Management consultancy services help companies to increase control and efficiency of their international trade. Like a professional auditor or tax lawyer we help you to improve your import and export processes. We minimize time for logistics and storage. We optimize your costs for customs, VAT and excise. With efficient trade processes, you save time, money and improve security.
Trade Management is for any company with an established international trade who wants improved efficiency, increased simplicity and lower costs.

You get:

  • Simplified routines and handling
  • Better control and more efficient flows
  • Increased internal competence for import and export
  • Optimized costs and cash flow

Services included
Trade Management includes a number of services within

  • Import and export auditing for optimization of flows and processes
  • Administration of customs, VAT and excise.
  • Auditing, control and administration of certificates and permits
  • Contacts with custom authorities etc
  • Staff training in INCO-terms and custom clearance

With 130 years experience of international trade we create efficient solutions and give you the answers you truly benefit from.
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