The Industrial harbor at Verkö is a port with a lot of possibilities. Thanks to the proximity to Poland, the Baltic States and Russia – it is a port for all businesses trading or operating in these countries.

Industrial harbor is located close to the ferry port and can offer the following resources:

• Two industrial piers with a quay length of 70 meters each, with 7-8 meters of water in the basin.

• A straight fairway with only a 20-minute running time to the open sea.

• Prepared storage area of more than 100,000 m2 for storage of goods.

• Opportunities to arrange further storage areas and industrial sites of approximately 100,000 m2.

• Immediate proximity to the train tracks with newly built loading zone.

• Excellent road access to E22 and the Scandinavian road network.

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Examples of projects at Verkö which has been operated by Roselius is cable loading at the ABB factory and also the Nord Stream project where Verkö served as one of the storage and loading points when gas pipes were built between Russia and Germany. Verkö is also suitable for quick and smooth crew Changes with 35 km to nearest airport. A new electrified railway at Verkö shall be finished at fall 2013. This will of course provide new opportunities for transshipments.

You are very welcome to contact Roselius for more information about Verkö and other harbors in the south-east parts of Sweden. We always strive to have the latest information and good relationships with local suppliers and athorities.

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